Zaki Boulos

Tom is one of the most devoted trainers on the circuit. His expert in-depth knowledge in fitness and health issues are second to none, giving superior helpful advice. Tom caters to all types of exercises, matching your needs with desired outcomes; adjusting the regime should you feel the need to focus on other areas, be they cardio or weights. Tom is a gentle professional; his attitude reflects his full dedication and commitment to all his clients. He turned my attention to weights and I have not looked back since. Thank you, Tom!

Dr. Spyros Giannelos

He is a great motivator and helps you to push yourself and improve yourself. He is a great private  trainer , and he teaches patiently every detail of the exercises. He emphasizes little details that are not online available and these details help you push yourself to the limit and improve. The knowledge stays for life and you use it to progress forever.

Ed Hallett Chairman for Imperial College Triathlon Club (TriIC)

Tom was integral to the establishment of the Imperial Triathlon Club (TriIC) as a leading competitor on the triathlon circuit. He showed strong understanding of strength training and competencies in swim training, running exercises and most significantly in planning and leading the weekly core exercise classes. Tom was a great professional to work with, delivering new and interesting exercises to the routines and adapting to feedback. He provided energy and a great personality that club members enjoyed and relaxed around. After Tom took on responsibility for fitness training, the club yielded significant increases in competition rankings, podium finishes and Team GB acceptances. I will continue to wish him all the best in his personal and professional endeavours.

Dr. K Dina Dedi, DipDS, MS, FACP
Prosthodontist Specialist
Director Aesthetic Dentistry UCL Eastman Dental Institute

I had worked with personal trainers on many occasions both in Europe and the USA, but I had never engaged with a programme long enough. Since I started training with Tom, 9 months ago, the experience has been majestic. I received a comprehensive customised blended fitness and nutritional programme that has been not only dramatically effective, but also inspiring and fun. I have fully met my initial goals but also now, fitness has become an essential part of my lifestyle. Every training session is never the same and it involves different athletic modalities that would benefit me, from cardio circuits, weight lifting, swimming, spinning, conditioning even horse riding. Every advice I have received has been evidence-based and tailored to me. Tom also has the credibility and the powerful inspiration of the elite athlete he is. His training is addictive! By far the best personal training experience I’ve had.

Waldemar Biernacki
Pure Elite Pro and Cross Fit Athlete

If you’re thinking about training with a professional I highly recommend Tom. He’s been helping me to get into shape and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I was hesitant at first, however after booking first session I wish I’d done it sooner. Tom made me feel very comfortable and helped me understand what I could achieve. Tom’s sessions are tailored specifically to me and he keeps track of my progress. For those few times when I’ve gone off-piste he explains in simple terms the effects and what I need to do to get back on track. If you follow his advice you’ll see incredible results in your body and mental well-being. Tom is an extraordinary physical trainer of tremendous knowledge, versatility and discipline.
Each session is focussed, challenging and above all great fun.
Everyone needs Tom!